Pastor's Sunday Evening Bible Study

The Coming Day

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Pastor Glenn's philosophy in this study is to make each week a building block for gradual understanding. Since he is after a cumulative impact over time and not self-contained lessons, he strongly encourages listening to each week in order.

August 13, 2017, Glenn LaRue - 

August 6, 2017, Glenn LaRue - 

July 30, 2017, Glenn LaRue

July 23, 2017 Session not recorded

July 16, 2017, Glenn LaRue - A Straightforward Reading of the Olivet Discourse

July 9, 2017 Session not recorded 

July 2, 2017, Glenn LaRue - The Day of the Lord in the Other OT Prophets (A Unified Picture of the Ultimate Reality)

June 25, 2017, Glenn LaRue - The Day of the Lord in Joel (Typological Progression Toward Ultimate Reality)

June 11, 2017, Glenn LaRue - How to Read the Bible (Especially with Reference to Prophecy)

May 21, 2017, Glenn LaRue - General Overview of the Study 

 Five Interpretive Principles for Studying the Bible

Some Big Things to Note (with reference to the pre-wrath rapture chart)