4 Growth

4 Growth screenfile



“4 Growth” captures our basic structure for growing disciples at UBC. The four elements listed in the graphic are vital areas of weekly investment that we believe provide a well-rounded plan for individuals to grow. We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different, but we encourage our members to prayerfully consider how they can move toward being “four for four.” 


The four elements are dispersed among our four weekly ministry times (both hours on Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening) so that anyone can have a solid growth plan through a commitment to those weekly moments. Also, we strive to grow the plan itself by further dispersing these elements more evenly across our ministry times.


There are many ways that the four elements can find expression for every individual, so this structure is easily individualized according to how the Lord leads each person. “4 Growth” is specific enough to point you in a well-rounded direction that requires a healthy degree of commitment but flexible enough to allow every person to seek out their own mix of involvement.


Are you “four for four”?